zážitková  akademie

Zážitková akademie s.r.o.
  • 15

    kilometers of trails

    and 5 ecocentres we have already built

  • 20

    kilometers of trails

    we will build by 2025

  • 100%

    barrier-free acces

    all our trails

  • 100+

    experiential events

    we organize every year

  • 10 000+

    people we reach out to

    with topics of ecology and environment

  • 1 000 000+


    we open nature

Vision mission strategy

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Continuous improvement of the operation and offers for existing trails

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Trails expanding at strategic points in the whole Central and Eastern European region

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Building many types of partnerships (from equity and implementation to operation or license contracts)

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Continuously strengthening the synergic effects between individual projects and their individual components (visitors, gastronomy, merchandise, etc.)

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Increasing the value of know-how, based on, amongst other things, original architecture and a project site centred strictly on local topography and specifics

Zážitková Akademie s.r.o. has a clear vision, a well-planned mission, and a set strategy. The goal is to maintain and strengthen their leadership in the adventure outdoor market in Europe.

The Zážitková Akademie s.r.o. vision, mission and strategy are set until 2025. The timeline corresponds with the completion plan for new trails across the Europe.

Ecological footprint

We are convinced that the environmental character of our trails and sites is a precondition for long-term economic success. For this reason, we put the emphasis on environmental consideration and ecology in general: from education through to material certification (wood) and sustainable construction, down to minute details such as waste sorting, putting the accent on local suppliers and raw materials and the use of renewable energy.

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    Renewable resources

    To use strictly certified, easily renewable materials (wood) from legal extraction based on a mining plan and following afforestation

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    To develop sustainable tourism and open nature for everyone (including barrier-free)

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    Protected areas

    To strive for the expansion of protected areas around trails

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    To approach natural ecosystems with the emphasis on local specifics

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    To support environmental education by building infopoints and developing educational activities

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    To cooperate with local partners in the field of regional administration, self-government and organisations involved in the protection of nature