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Zážitková Akademie

Zážitková Akademie s.r.o. (abbreviated ZAK) is a subsidiary of the German concern Erlebnis Akademie AG – based in Bad Kötzting , they are the largest operator of outdoor adventure areas in Europe. The company employs 100 professionals, and their turnover in 2017 was over 300 million CZK (12 million EUR).

Since 2009, we have been designing, implementing and running trails in the treetops, adrenaline and family areas, and educational centres. Our adventure concepts are for the general public, and they are closely connected to ecology.

Our best reference is millions of satisfied visitors who use our trails and outdoor areas every year in in Germany, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. See also our brochure.

Our know how relies on a gentle attitude to nature, its wisdom and beauty. We open forests and landscapes to the public with a strict adherence to environmental principles and cooperation with local partners. These include the administrators of national parks and protected landscape areas, towns and villages, tourist resorts and specialised organisations and associations.

The success of our areas consists in combining knowledge of the local environment with the expectations and needs of the general public. Even though all of our projects are original, every one of them has the same common denominators: top implementation, a guaranteed, unrepeatable experience, combined with faultless operation and customer care.


The parent company, Erlebnis Akademie AG, has been in the market of incentive and adventure tourism since they were established in 2001. Adrenaline centres and rope parks were included among the first projects. Lam was the largest in Europe, and the same can be said for Libín within the Czech Republic.

The first Treetop Walk was created in 2009 in the Bavarian forest near Neuschönau. Until the completion of the Treetop Walk in the Krkonoše mountains, it was the longest trail of its kind in the world.

The Bavarian trail received an enthusiastic welcome from the public, as well as from specialised visitors. This was confirmed by several awards including the Tourism Award Bayerischer Wald 2009, the Founders’ Prize Niederbayern 2010, Wood Construction Prize 2010 and the Bavarian "arturo" architecture prize.

Encouraged by their success, the company started to work on other projects in the treetops. Currently Erlebnis Akademie AG owns five Treetop Walks in Germany (Bavarian Forest, Rügen, Black Forest, Saarschleife and on Usedom). In the Czech Republic, eak is involved on basis of a joint venture in the two Treetop Walks in Lipno and in Janské Lázně in the northern Krkonoše mountain, in Slovakia in the Treetop Walk Bachledka, and in Slovenia in the Treetop Walk Pohorje. Through subsidiares, Erlebnis Akademie AG operates the Treetop Walk in Austria (Salzkammergut), in France in Alsace, in Ireland (Avondale) and on the North American continent in Canada (Laurentides). As an additional offer, Erlebnis Akadmie AG has built and operates two Adventure Forest playgrounds in Germany. The forest playgrounds are integrated into the forest with near-natural play and learning stations and are located on the Sommerberg in the Black Forest and on the Saarschleife. In Slovakia, the Forest Kingdom complements the offer at the Bachledka location. Since June 2022, there has also been an Adventure Forest at the Alsace location in France.

Thanks to its success, Erlebnis Akademie AG can be proud to be the largest developer and operator of outdoor areas in Europe. From this privileged position they want to continue to strengthen and regularly open trails in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and other parts of the world.

The company is listed on the Munich Stock Market.

What we solve

Zážitková Akademie s.r.o. is founded on teamwork and a permanent team of workers. Each of the trails has its own team that solves operational issues autonomously according to the established business and marketing strategy, operational and economic plan.

  1. 01
    Ideas for the realisation for each project
  2. 02
    Economic and operational standards
  3. 03
    Strategic management
  4. 04
    Support for every part of the operation


Bernd Bayerköhler
Managing Director
Filip Pekárek
Managing Director
Jiří Rejzek
Financial Manager
Vlastimil Chvál
Business and Marketing director
Jan Hřebačka
Head of Projects Development
Viktor Czerwek
Civil Engineer