Treetop Walkway in Saarland

In 2016, we opened another Treetop Walkway in Germany, this time in the state of Saarland (Saarschleife - the Saar Loop). Once again, it offers a different composition of woodland and location, as well as views of the meandering River Saar close to the French border, and different architecture. The walkway is 1,250 metres long and, in this case, the viewing tower exceeds 40 metres in height. And there is truly something to feast your eyes upon!

Along the path, you will find both learning and adventure stations which are not only for the youngest visitors. The most intense experience, however, is a specially arranged trip outside regular opening hours, where you will be able to see the sun rise above the breath-taking Saarland landscape with your own eyes. You can rest assured that the attraction is wheelchair accessible.

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