Treetop Walk on the Island of Rügen

Lying in the Baltic Sea, the island of Rügen is renowned for its recreational areas, extraordinary architecture and preserved countryside, home to a range of unique plant and animal species. Our walkway, located just a stone’s throw away from the summer resort of Prora and conveniently accessible by a popular train, became one of the island’s new tourist attractions in 2013. Visitors can take advantage of a guided tour which will bring them closer to the distinctive features of the local countryside or the nearby flint fields.  

The walkway itself is 1,250 metres long and is crowned with a 40-metre high viewing tower whose structure is reminiscent of an eagle’s nest. You may even be lucky enough to witness the flight of the white-tailed eagle, a bird which keeps vigil over the astounding island scenery. A nearby restaurant which focuses on local gastronomy is also highly sought-after.

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