A Treetop Walkway Comes to Krkonoše!

In 2017, we brought the combination of the educational concept and adventure principle that all Treetop Walkways share to the vicinity of the popular destination Jánské Lázně in Krkonoše, with all the perfection of the walkways that have gone before it. As with other walkways, here too we worked on the content with expert partners, this time with the most qualified - the Krkonoše National Park. The result is an impressive underground installation bringing visitors closer to the varied underground life among the roots of the trees.

In contrast, you will be guided to the tops of the trees by a 1,500-metre long walkway crowned with a 45-metre high viewing tower, from which all of Krkonoše’s peaks are at your fingertips. Numerous adventure features enliven the walkway for its visitors. Here too, a 50-metre long toboggan run is in permanent operation.

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